Medium Connections

It is with a tremendous amount of mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement from my medium work, after 25 years of private clients. I did not take this decision lightly and to be honest, I think I still am in a bit of shock that I am doing it. This truly amazing gift I opened up to, when I was only five years old, has helped change and heal many peoples’ lives, including my own, and I could not be more grateful to my clients who have sought me out all of these years. However, it is time for me to let go and move forward into the new places that my work is heading. “Dying for a living” has been an incredible experience, each and every time was a new situation and I am proud, yet humbled, knowing my connections have helped so many on a deeper level. I am not saying a total farewell to the afterlife, since I will be continuing with my Medium Shows, so please watch this website for dates that will hopefully be coming in the near future. It has been an honor and privilege being the emissary of messages from your passed loved ones for over a quarter of a century. Having been a part of your intimate family is something I will always cherish. Remember, passed love ones are always close and we are always connected, whether you hear that from my voice or not. As I let go of this part of my life, I am excited to focus more on my energy healings, spiritual ascension groups, classes, lectures, and helping people who are still here learn, grow and understand what this life has to offer them.

Your Servant, 

Heather Lee