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Heather  Lee is an intuitive and spiritual counselor who uses her psychic ability to give you insight into what is coming onto your life path.  Heather also is an energy healer who helps to realign your energetic body with your physical, while releasing pains, stress, traumas, and ideas that no longer serve your purpose. Feel free to explore the services to the right and click on any of them for more info.


The treatment is gentle and noninvasive. Heather places her hands upon or over the recipient. The energy is then channeled through her and into the recipient’s body. Reactions to treatment vary.

Sessions are personal and affect each person in a different way. Some report sensations of warmth, well-being, and love while receiving energy. Others report no immediate sensations at all but notice changes later in the day or even several days later. After treatment, it is ideal to drink a lot of water to help the body in the cleansing process.

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Life path/insight

Interested in where you are going in life and what may be coming up on your path? Heather is an intuitive/spiritual counselor who can give you insight on where you are headed and potential experiences that may be coming up for you. Having a broader perspective of your life and who you are as a spiritual being can be an asset to anyone`s life.

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Spiritual Ascension support group

Heather holds many groups for growing your spiritual practices and living a more centered life. We as the collective are in a time of great spiritual transformation and change and Heather is on the front lines of these changes and helping to raise the vibration of humans and Earth to a heart-centered living space. She works hand in hand with her Galactic family and higher multidimensional guides and beings to help you evolve from the 3rd Dimensional life to the 5th and beyond.

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