Life Path, Insight, & Spiritual Ascension










Interested in where you are going in life and what may be coming up on your path? Heather is an intuitive/spiritual counselor who can give you insight on where you are headed and potential experiences that may be coming up for you. Having a broader perspective of your life and who you are as a spiritual being can be an asset to anyone`s life.

Heather also holds many groups for growing your spiritual practices and living a more centered life. We as the collective are in a time of great spiritual transformation and change and Heather is on the front lines of these changes and helping to raise the vibration of humans and Earth to a heart-centered living space. She works hand in hand with her Galactic family and higher multidimensional guides and beings to help you evolve from the 3rd Dimensional life to the 5th and beyond.

  • Get in the right mindset. Approach your reading with openness. If you are coming in with a skeptical “prove it to me” attitude, you are putting your reader in a hostile and defensive position which is never conducive for a good reading.  Also, never ever get a reading if you are anxious or hysterical.  A desperate frame of mind will only hear what they want to hear, for good or for ill.
  • Remain positive and relaxed.  Feel free to discuss any concerns or fears you may have prior to the reading. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions, whether it be about the process, or about the information given during a reading. Try not to have any expectations. Have an open mind, and look forward to an enlightening experience.
  • Write down your questions before you come. There is nothing worse than walking out the door and forgetting the “big question” you wanted to ask.  Having a list keeps you focused and organized and insures you get the important questions answered.
  • Don’t be vague. Ask specific questions. Be direct and to the point. Also, be sure to ask questions that empower your situation (ex: “What can I do to achieve _______?”)And please, resist the urge to “test” your reader by dragging a red herring across the question. An honest request to the universe creates honest, clear answers.
  • Feel free to take notes during a reading.There are usually things you cannot remember at the time of a reading. I have received numerous emails and phone calls weeks and months after a reading from clients who have validated information given after the reading has taken place.
  • Give time for things to percolate. Avoid the temptation to go back and revisit the reading without allowing enough time to pass.  Coming in and hammering the same question over and over only leads to a frustrated reader and mixed messages.  (My cards get very snotty when people are aggressively asking the same questions too often).

If you’ve done your homework, you will be able to approach your reading with trust, openness and a clear agenda. And that is the perfect recipe for a great tarot reading.