About Heather Lee

Spiritualist, Healer, Psychic, Medium, Channeler, Clairvoyant, and Clairaudient.

Heather is able to connect with loved ones on the other side. She is sensitive and open enough to the energies around her to be able to bring messages back from the other side by hearing, seeing, feeling, and communicating with departed loved ones.

From a young age, Heather saw things that human eyes overlooked. One night at dinner, at 5 years old, she was talking to her family about a man she had seen in her room the night before. Her father informed her that this was not just any man, but her Grandfather who died over 40 years ago.  In the years to come, these visits from the other side became the norm.

Knowledge and experience of the mystical world runs deep in Heather’s roots.

Heather learned that her grandfather had the gift of being a psychic and medium. She also shares these gifts.   Along with her grandfather’s abilities, her grandmother had the ability to heal physical ailments using light and color; she was skilled in reading tarot as well.

Heather’s mother has over forty years of experience in Tarot and Heather herself studied the cards and has been doing readings for 20 years. Heather has many clients worldwide.

Heather`s passion is her spiritual ascension work. She helps many people find their paths and who they are on the spiritual level, what their life lessons and purposes are, along with the healing they need to get to their root causes of fears and blocks. She works closely with multidimensional beings and helps lightworkers and the Earthrise out of the 3D level of living into 5D and beyond.

Do you have something going bump in the night?  Heather also does house investigations. Call her and she will come and see if she can help clear it out.

A psychic with a conscience

Along with her psychic gifts, Heather is also a certified Reiki Master and Teacher registered with the International Natural Healers Association. She combines her intuition with the healing energy she is attuned to so that she can see and feel any blockages in your body that may need to be released.  Her unique treatment leaves you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced, and at peace.

Heather is known by her colleagues as “a psychic with a conscience” and the “real deal”. Known for accuracy and detail, a reading with her will leave you feeling inspired. Open-minded and kind-hearted, Heather’s readings are non-judgmental and offer perspective and clarity. She understands your readings are for you and you alone and urges you to take the advice that comes in as you see fit. You are in control of your destiny and have free will to do as you choose.  Heather has a strong code of ethics, which she believes in whole-heartedly. A reading with her will help you understand the point of your journey in this lifetime.