Heather is a Reiki Master in Usui, Violet Flame, Atlantean Crystal, and Egyptian Reiki. But her talents go beyond the reiki energy. She is a Shaman who specializes in soul retrieval to allow more of your higher consciousness into your body to live from a higher vibration where life flows easier, and also cutting the energetic chords to energies, people, thoughts, and emotions that are no longer serving your greater good. Heather is also a conduit for Divine Healing which is high-frequency energy that aligns and heals with the help of her guides and the universe. Her healings are like no others and need to be experienced to completely understand the magnitude. They help with stress, grief, physical ailments, detoxing, and aligning your whole self, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies and energies.

What is Healing treatment?

The treatment is gentle and noninvasive. Heather places her hands upon or over the recipient. The energy is then channeled through her and into the recipient’s body. Reactions to treatment vary. Sessions are personal and affect each person in a different way. Some report sensations of warmth, well-being, and love while receiving energy. Others report no immediate sensations at all but notice changes later in the day or even several days later. After treatment, it is ideal to drink a lot of water to help the body in the cleansing process.